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MODEL 2109


Download Manual (Adobe pdf)


  • Compatible with Wescom 400 Tellabs Type 10 mounting
  • 12 alarm inputs, 1 on board control
  • Verify before execute command syntax (ACK-NAK)
  • PSTN auto-dial / answer when used with couple option
  • System mode: self-initiate, manual or automatic polling
  • Compatible with 2450, 2451, 2452 Relay Expanders

The Model 2109 is a Wescom 400 - Tellabs Type 10 compatible card which simultaneously monitors up to twelve contact closure inputs. It also provides a single relay control output which may be expanded by using one or more slave relay cards (Model 2452). The 2109 includes both DTMF encoder and decoder. It can provide auto-dial / auto-answer operation when used with the coupler option.

User status inputs are field-programmable for form-A (Normally Open) or form B (Normally Close) logic. Each input may be field-programmed as a status or alarm input. All inputs are photocoupler-isolated.

The 2109 may be used in variety of modes including self-initiate (change of state), manual, or automatic polling. The integrity of low activity systems can be verified via the built in timer.

The 2109 can be used with virtually any voice grade path including phone lines, radio, or microwave. PSTN dial-up compatibility is obtained by specifying the optional PSTN coupler.

Use the 2109 with a variety of Signalcrafters products depending on system application.