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MODEL 5106


Download Manual (Adobe pdf)

Model 5106 includes:

The 5106 Base Master provides for both DTMF encoding and decoding over PSTN, radio links, dial-up or microwave audio paths.  Replacing the Models 2106 and 2107 Base Masters it sends commands to Signalcrafters controllers/loopback receivers and decodes commands returned from them.

For alarm, status and analog applications decoded and converted to plain text printouts.  All reports are date and time stamped via the associated computer. Signalcrafters Status Monitor Software is included with the Model 5106 package.

When used in an alarm status configuration the computer terminal should be dedicated to this function. 

Model 5106 is compatible with following Signalcrafters  (Ledex) equipment.

  • Models 2109 & 5109  (Status)

  • Models 2212, 5212 & 5212A (Loopback)

  • Models 2110, 2222 & 5222  (Analog/Status)

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