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Signalcrafters Instrument

The Signalcrafters Protective Carrying Case, Part Number CC60-70-90 is an option for our Models 60, 70 and 90 units. It was designed specifically for our Instrumentation Product Line. Lined with High Density Foam, these cases provide added protection and cushion for every day transport and use in the field.

The case shell was designed to be the same for all of the above mentioned instruments. This unique design includes an additional foam insert for the Model 60 & Model 70. If a case is ordered for a Model 60 or Model 70 and one desires to use it for a Model 90, one can simply remove the foam insert and the case is ready for the Model 90. A slot in the front of the case allows for additional storage of leads, cables and documentation.

These durable cases provide exceptional protection to an already rugged instrument design.

Length x Height x Depth
13.25" x 11.75" x 11"