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Signalcrafters purchased the GE Protection & Controls Power Line Carrier Maintenance and Training Facility equipment in December 1998 and began Training Sessions in September 1999. The non-competitiveness of our products provides Signalcrafters the opportunity to expand the course coverage to include most manufacturers of Power Line Carrier Equipment in use today.

The course will include Training on how to align Tuners, Traps & Adjustment of PLC Communication. It will also include general maintenance tips and trouble shooting for the entire PLC system.

The course will cover equipment from the following manufacturer’s:

  • COUPLING CAPACITORS: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, Trench

  • TUNERS: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, Trench

  • TRAPS: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, Trench

  • AM CARRIER: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, Pulsar Technologies, RFL Electronics

  • FSK CARRIER: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, Pulsar Technologies, RFL Electronics

  • FSK AUDIO TONE: ABB/Westinghouse, GE, INIVEN, RFL Electronics

  • INSTRUMENTS: Signalcrafters, Hewlett Packard, Rycom

Note: Other manufacturers may be included in the training. This will be determined on a case by case situation based on availability of documentation and equipment.

The size of the class is limited to assure that each student will receive the maximum benefit of the course offering.

The standard course structure will be as follows:

    1. The course is 4 days long.  Typically Monday through Thursday.

    2. Each course will be designed to concentrate on the equipment that those specific attendees have most at their respective utilities. If many different manufacturers are in use, all effort will be made to cover all products of interest. With this in mind, no two courses may be exactly the same.

    3. Each Student will be provided with a comprehensive manual that will cover all aspects of the course. This will permit review and reference of pertinent material at a later date.

    4. The course is designed to promote frequent interaction between the students and the instructor to promote involvement and answers to specific problems or questions.

    5. Courses will begin 8:30 AM and end around 5:00 PM each day. The length of the day is usually determined by the amount of questions and answers pertaining to  specific problems & needs.

    6. The course is designed for all levels of PLC personnel, however we strongly recommend that the attendee have a basic understanding of substation equipment, terms & theory.  This will help ensure that all attendees receive the maximum benefit of the course.

    7. Attendees who complete the course will be awarded a certificate in recognition of successful completion of a seminar on Power Line Carrier Systems & Applications given by Power Line Carrier personnel.

    8. The cost per trainee is $ 1200.00 US.  Discounts are available for organizations that send more than three people to any single session.

    9. The fee includes lunch and refreshments each day at our facility.  It also  includes one dinner, typically the second night of classes.

    10. Travel & living expenses will be the responsibility of the trainee.