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Signalcrafters emerged in 1979 as a manufacturer of Power Line Carrier Test equipment. At that time there was no test equipment available that was designed specifically to aid the Electric Utility technician in the alignment and tuning of their Power Line Carrier systems.

By 1989, the Signalcrafters instrumentation product offering consisted of the Model 60 Impedance Magnitude Meter, Model 70 Automatic Computing Power/SWR Meter, the Model 90 High Level VLF Signal Source and the Model 100 Audio Frequency Signal Source.

With years of experience in communication equipment for the utility industry, company growth and expansion was the next step. In 1991 Signalcrafters purchased the Lucas Ledex Communication Product Line including the 2000 Series of equipment (2109 Status Encoder, 2212 Loopback Module, 2110 Analog Expander, etc.). This solidly designed core of products needed only to be enhanced with modern circuitry and state of the art components to maintain its competitiveness in the industry.

The new Signalcrafters 5000 Series is that product line. It is designed with two goals in mind: to permit simple expansion of existing Lucas Ledex/Signalcrafters systems and to offer a new flexible "sub-SCADA" product line with programmable features configurable via standard communications software.

In June of 1998 Signalcrafters purchased an established Spread Spectrum Radio product line. With SR-900 Spread Spectrum radio, Signalcrafters now offers a complete wireless telemetry solution.

The 4001 Path Monitor and 4002 Status Monitor Software permit users to develop a low cost master site for monitoring communication paths or for retrieving remote data (status/alarm & analog quantities). Both the 4001 & 4002 software permit expansion of up to 200 remote monitoring sites.

With this diverse, yet complementary product offering, Signalcrafters now provides solutions for oil & gas providers, railroads, water & waste water, telecommunications, state, local & federal agencies, utilities (electric, water, gas), irrigation, etc.

After years of successful designing and manufacturing of instrumentation and communication equipment the former instructor at Kansas University and founder of Signalcrafters, Mr. David Fayman decided it was time to pursue other activities. With a heartfelt desire to continue the tradition of manufacturing and designing quality equipment, he passed the torch to a group with over 50 years of experience in designing, supporting and manufacturing products for the utility industry. In November, 1996, Signalcrafters moved its entire facility to New Jersey. In September, 1998 the company moved into its present facility at 57 Eagle Rock, East Hanover, NJ.

We would like to emphasize that Signalcrafters Tech, Inc. and Signalcrafters, Inc. .are one and the same. The word "Tech" was added simply because of a conflict with an existing company name in NJ.