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Model 110 Datasheet (Adobe pdf)
Model 110 Manual (Adobe pdf)

Signalcrafters Model 110 is a multi-purpose portable instrument for measuring voltage levels at frequencies in the range of 50 Hz to 5 MHz. A signal generator covering the same frequency range is also included. Utilizing surface mount technology and battery and/or AC power the unit is light enough for both field and laboratory use. Storage and recall functions allow for quick set up of the frequency selective voltmeter, (FSVM).

● Selectable Bandwidths: Wideband(50 Hz to 5 MHz), 3100 Hz, 1950 Hz, 100 Hz and 25 Hz.
● Search:  Automatically look for signals that are greater than a set threshold level.
● AFC(Automatic Frequency Control): Auto adjusts the instrument receiver to the center of the actual input frequency.
● Max Hold: Displays the maximum signal level of a variable input signal detected during the measurement period.
● Bridge Z: Ajustable 1 ohm to 999 ohm
● Demodulator: AM, SSB(USB,LSB) and DSB.
● Analog Meter: Convenient for peaking adjustments.
● Long Battery Life: 20 hours.
● Carrying Case and Test Leads.

Incorporated in the design is a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which displays results and indicates programming features and selections. The backlight and contrast of the display can be adjusted via the keypad controls for easy visibility. One keypad allows the user to switch between an analog type meter (digitally generated) or digital readout on the LCD display.

An external attenuator selection allows the operator to program the unit to add the amount of attenuation being used. The display prompts the user on the amount of level being added to the reading and automatically displays the result when this feature is selected. An internal attenuator is provided to accommodate the higher levels used in power line carrier systems.

A built in oscillator provides a low level (+12 dBm @ 50 ohm and +3dBm @ 600 ohm) accurate signal source for test tone and other test functions. It's output can be selected as either a 50 or 600 ohm source. Levels, impedances and frequencies of the generator are selected via the keypad.

Other features include self-calibration on start-up, keypad control of speaker level for demodulated AM, single, double sideband signals, search capability, keypad adjustable steps for level and frequency, display average, threshold, maximum hold and reference readings.

Software and an RS-232 port (9 pin) are provided to enable user to download stored readings computer. The computer can also be used to remotely control operation of the Model 110.