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(Optional Measurement : MODEL 5212A-M)

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General Description: The Loopback Receiver allows you to remotely test and diagnose telecommunication networks. This includes leased telephone lines and microwave paths. It measures signal strength, loss noise level and sinad. It is housed on a single type 10 plug in module. The DTMF address ability of the unit allows complex communication networks to be analyzed via identifying its address and function. Addressing is further enhanced by "Wild Card" addressing for simultaneous functions by groups.

Correct levels in a communication link can be achieved in test systems which only measure level. However, levels which are thought to be correct can cause distortion. The Model 5212A provides an easy method to detect clipping distortion.

The front panel keyboard allows local control of all functions including a LCD display to indicate the function in progress. Relay expanders are available as optional accessories and occupy adjacent slots.

To accommodate telco and/or microwave systems the loopback gain can be set to each dB from +24dB to -31dB.




The Model 5212A with Measurement Option can measure the level and frequency of a 300-3000 Hz tone and send that measurement in a DTMF string to be decoded by Model 5493A or Model 5106 Base Master with Path Monitor Software.