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The Model 5493A was designed to permit the Signalcrafters Tech Inc monitoring software's to be able to decipher the DTMF signals into a form that the computer could understand (ASCII). There's two ways to connect a computer to a Model 5493A, USB or RS-232.

The Model 5493A DTMF MODEM is a Wescom 400/Tellabs Type 10 compatible plug-in pc card, which uses a single slot. Model 2452 Relay Card is an optional accessories and uses additional slots adjacent to the Model 5493A.

A front panel keyboard allows local control of all functions. A LCD display indicates the function in progress and programming features during set up. Software updates can be downloaded via the front panel USB port utilizing Signalcrafters "Communication Program" software.

The Model 5493A has two versions, one with internal measurement (Model 5493A-M) for Signalcrafters Path Monitor Software and one with out measurement card (Model 5493A) for Signalcrafters Status Monitor Software.

Path Monitor System:
The Model 5493A-M allows you to remotely test and diagnose telecommunications networks with the Model 5212A-M. You can test leased telephone lines and microwave paths, measuring signal strength, loss, noise level and sinad.

The Model 5493A-M provides a method for measuring the frequency response of both outbound and inbound paths from 404 to 2804 Hz. Correct levels in the communication link can sometimes be achieved by methods, which cause distortion. The Model 5493A provides an easy method to detect clipping distortion, rather than depend on methods, which only measure level.

Status Monitor System:
The Model 5493A allows you to remotely monitor status with the Model 2109.
When using the Model 2495 with the Model 5493A you can commutate with any site with a PSTN system.

Use with:
Model 5212A
Model 2452
Model 2109
Model 2945
Model 6500