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Model 70

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Precise Alignment Without Guesswork

  • PLC Design— Specifically designed for use with powerline carrier equipment (10kHz to 500kHz).

  • Dual Display— Two meters display forward power in Watts and dBm AND computed percent reflected power and SWR simultaneously.

  • Fully Automatic— Internal computing circuits measure percent reflected power and SWR independent of the magnitude of forward power.

  • Convenient Power Scales— Four Power ranges: 5 Watts, 15 Watts, 50 Watts and 150 Watts full scale.

  • High Sensitivity— Full SWR computing with forward powers as low as 0.1 Watt.

  • Built-in Power Sensor— For 10kHz to 500kHz measurements.

  • Built-in Load— 50 Ohm, 50 Watt dummy load.

  • Built-in Line Sampler— Directional line voltage sample at -20dBm level. For use with selective voltmeter in interference or multiple signal environments.

  • Rugged Case— Fully dust sealed case with shock mounted taut-band meter meter movements.

  • Micro Power Circuits— At least one years life on the easily obtainable 9 Volt internal batteries.

  • Battery Saver— Closing lid turns the instrument off.

Technical Specifications

R.F. Power Front Panel Switches
Ranges: 0-5 Watts (+25 to 37 dBm) Range: Four Position rotary type
  0-15 Watts (+30 to +42 dBm)
0-50 Watts (+35 to +47 dBm)
On-Off: Two position toggle switch. Closing cover pushes switch to OFF position.
  0-150 Watts (+40 to 52 dBm) Voltage Sample: Two position toggle switch - Forward, Reflected.
Scales: 0-5 W and 0-15 W
-10 to +2 dB (50 Ohm Reference)
Battery Check: Push Button
    Size 9 inches x 6 inches x 8 1/2 inches high
Accuracy: 5% of full scale power into a 50 Ohm load Weight 5 pounds (less connecting cables)
Frequency: 10kHz to 500kHz    
Response: 0.1 dB over full frequency range    
% Reflected Power and SWR Environment  
Ranges: 0-100% Reflected Power
1.0-5.0 Calibrated SWR
Moisture: Splash proof with case closed
Accuracy: 10% at SWR = 3.0 for power levels between
-10dB and +2dB on any power range
5% at SWR = 3 for a -1dB power level, any
power range.
Dust and Dirt: Sealed when closed. All internal switch component are sealed against intrusion by dust when in use.
Internal Batteries 9 Volt transistor battery (two required)
NEDA 1604 (Eveready Type 216)
Expected Life: > 2 years in normal use.
Temperature: Storage: -40F to +150F
Use: -10F to +120F
Calibration Temp.: +75F
Connectors BNC (4) - input, output, voltage sample and 50 Ohm dummy load. Cables Provided Qty 2 - 96 Inch BNC to BNC, 50 ohm (RG58)
Qty 2 - BNC to Banana Plug Adapters
Qty 4 - Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Adapters