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Signalcrafters Path Monitor software is a PC based, automatic loopback communication path testing system that helps diagnose and isolate problems on communication paths. With Path Monitor troubleshooting productivity increases, costs decrease and downtime is reduced.

The basic elements of the Path Monitor system are the PC Compatible computer, Signalcrafters Model 5212A-M Loopback Module with measurement board, Model 5493A-M Modem Module, Model 2452 Relay Module and our Path Monitor Software.


Path Monitor Software employs a menu driven operator interface. Menu options enable the operator to select circuit test mode, history and exception data processing, report file management and add, delete or change site (path), and user data.

Path Monitor Software runs on a PC which connects via the serial port to a Signalcrafters Model 5493A-M Modem Module. Using an addressed signaling protocol, Path Monitor regularly polls each circuit pre-selected for testing.

A series of step-sweep tones from 404Hz to 2804Hz is sent from the master location to the Signalcrafters Model 5212A-M Loopback Module at the remote end. The tones are sent in 200Hz increments and their amplitude is operator selectable. When received at the remote location, the tone frequencies, amplitudes and noise are measured. The loopbacks then reverse roles and transmit tones to test the inbound path.

Test results are communicated to the master location where the PC processes the data into history and exception files for analysis. The Path Monitor Software displays the send and receive frequencies, outbound and inbound loss and loopback noise data for each circuit tested. The data from the previous test of this circuit are simultaneously displayed for comparison.

Path Monitor Software also displays histograms of system performance and then graphs the min, max, mean, and data from the path tests. These data permit the user to characterize the circuits performance over time.


Path Monitor periodically tests up to 200 2-wire or 4-wire communication circuits throughout a Signalcrafters NETCHECK system. Path Monitor is beneficial on critical dedicated circuits such as those used to notify government agencies neighboring nuclear generating facilities. It also makes excellent sense on leased circuits.

Path Monitor provides control outputs at remote sites that enable the user to direct communications around bad path segments.

Download Manual (Adobe pdf)

A PC-Based automatic alarm, status control and analog reporting system.


  • Send Commands, Make Inquiries from Computer
  • Define Site Names, Alarms, Analog Minimum and Maximum Values, etc. from the Keyboard
  • Compatible with PSTN, Radio, Microwave or Leased Lines
  • Store History Reports for Analysis
  • Annunciate Alarms Locally or in the Field


With Signalcrafters Status Monitor software, a PC becomes a work station for an automatic alarm, status, and analog reporting system. Remote control capability is also provided. Your computer is used as a polling master, polling dialer, or control encoder over any voice path. Status Monitor software is a powerful tool for automating the alarm, monitoring, controlling, and data acquisition processes throughout your system.

The basic elements of the Status Monitor System are the PC-Compatible computer, Signalcrafters Communication modules, Signalcrafters Modem Module (Model 5493A) and our Status Monitor Software. With the addition of the Signalcrafters PSTN Coupler (Model 2945), the system operates in a dial-up mode over the PSTN. Remotes are capable of self-initiate and auto-dial mode for alarm reporting in this environment.


Using a signal addressing protocol, Status Monitor regularly polls each pre-selected remote site. Status Monitor then uses Signalcrafters ACK/NAK, verify-before-execute, message security to confirm site identity and readiness, and only then transfers data or executes commands. The computer then displays its data.

For each site polled Status Monitor displays site address, name, type, function, status, data and time, and alarm condition. All of these parameters as well as polling times, exclusion times, poll rates, etc., are operator definable and selectable. All results are stored in a history file.


Automatically or manually poll address and log all changes of state, replicate analog values, or announce communications failures throughout a Signalcrafters SubSCADA system. Status Monitor can automatically or manually initiate commands to activate or deactivate control functions at remote locations in response to local, remote or software inputs. Status Monitor is also capable of functioning as a data concentrator.

Status Monitor remotes need not wait to be polled to communicate their status. "Report on Exception" capability exists. Data acquired can be transferred to a separate user provided database management software program for manipulation and analysis in either data or graphic formats.


Pentium or equivalent. Model 5493A-M Modem Module
512MB RAM Model 5212A-M Loopback Module
10MB HDD, CD-ROM  Model 2452 Relay Module
Mouse, Printer Model 2945 PSTN
1 USB or 1 Serial port and 1 Parallel Port, 101 Enhanced Keyboard  
Windows 2000, XP or Vista Card Shelf or Apparatus Case